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      O Traditional Sonar – Also known as “2D” sonar, this is your basic sonar that pings in a cone, and whatever comes into view of the cone is displayed on the screen. The screen then scrolls to the left and anything on the right is newer data/returns. CHIRP – Traditional sonar uses a set frequency, such as 83 kHz, but CHIRP transmits over a range of frequencies such as 70-110 kHz.? CHIRP transducers put more sound energy into the water providing better returns and more detail. Imaging Sonar – Imaging sonar pings a very narrow beam either to the sides (Side Imaging) or straight down (Down Imaging), when your boat is moving the sonar returns stack on each other creating a realistic image of the lake bottom and shows fish and structure up 100ft to either side of the boat. 360 Sonar – Think of 360 as “sweeping side imaging”, because it is basically a small side imaging transducer that rotates, creating a full circle image of what’s in front of and all-around your boat. This technology has flown under the radar for a long time, and only recently have more people discovered how valuable a tool it is for fishing. “Live” Sonar – The newest rage among bass and crappie anglers is “Live” forward-facing sonar. The technology has been around commercially for a long time, but Garmin was the first to bring it to the recreational market with the incredibly popular LiveScope. Now in 2022 both Lowrance and Humminbird will join the party with Active Target (Lowrance) and MEGA Live (Humminbird).    Y

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